A Clear Vision
Solutions for Organizing Your Business & Life

Training & Speaking
Kim offers both packaged and customized training classes and workshops.  She is a certified GO System® trainer and has a background in instructional design.

The GO System®

GO stands for Getting Organized!

The GO System, a proven course that helps you become more focused, organized and productive, addresses seven major issues that help significantly improve workplace results:

  • Establishing strong foundational habits
  • Processing incoming items
  • Prioritizing
  • Using time rationally
  • Effectively managing projects
  • Understanding personality issues
  • Understanding psychological issues
The bottom line – you’ll get more done!

In order to remain competitive, even highly successful companies constantly look for ways to get more done, in less time, with fewer people. With the GO System, you'll be able to help your employees:
  • Ensure that time spent at work is quality, productive time
  • Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety
  • Improve their ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Improve their ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • Increase their contribution to the bottom-line results of your organization

Don’t allow your employees, customers and profits to get lost in the shuffle and confusion of a disorganized, unproductive work environment. Implement the GO System and build your success on a sound foundation of highly organized people.

Don’t just tell people to work harder. Provide them with simple, specific and effective solutions that offer quick relief to workplace stress, frustration and anxiety.

Each GO System class participant receives a workbook, access to additional online tools and post-session follow-up.  Other options include one-on-one coaching sessions for class participants and hands-on support in individual offices and work areas.

Custom Instructional Design & Training Classes

You may have industry-specific or workgroup-specific issues you would like to address.  To ensure that the content is appropriate and on-target, I interview key employees before developing the program. Custom content can be designed to meet your needs, including incorporating:
  • Case studies based on actual events or issues
  • Class pre-work and post-work assessments or assignments, if appropriate
  • Reference to and reinforcement of policies, procedures and industry standards
  • Development of Job Aids
  • Facilitation of intra- and inter-departmental workflow assessments
  • Development of new policies and procedures
  • Facilitation of ideas to improve group file management and online file management such as file naming conventions
  • Establishing standards for meetings, email, project management teams, etc.
Conferences & Seminar Presentations

Kim is available for keynote, seminar or break-out presentations for your industry conferences, community group events, brown-bag lunch programs or professional association meetings.  Topics can include improving focus, productivity and organization and can be tailored to your industry's specific needs and event format.

Insights on Productivity

Kim co-au
thored the book, Insights on Productivity:  Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace, published by the Network for Productivity Excellence.  Each seminar or event participant will receive a free copy of Kim's book. You can see a preview of her chapter on Setting Boundaries at the Network for Productivity Excellence.