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Kim's Clients...

"Thank you so much for getting me over the hurdle of organizing my work papers.  Your confidence that we could get to it and make some sense of it was so refreshing to me!  I felt very 'stuck' and immobilized and you 'unclogged the log jam' within minutes of arriving.

I liked the fact that you approached it so logically but using my own vocabulary and methods.  You had good helpful hints for a broader organizing strategy using the computer to list the contents of the files, and how to continue the work after you were gone -- 10 pieces of paper at a time!  Perfectly doable!  Your suggestions for additional supplies that would save time were also right on the mark!  I have made great progress.

But more than anything it was so nice to have you working beside me as we accomplished the work at hand.  Your manner is so professional and at the same time it felt like a good friend had stopped by to help me out.  It was very nice to have you in my home!  I will write an additional paragraph as a more formal 'recommendation' but feel free to use any of this as a true reference.

I highly recommend Kim Guay of A Clear Vision as a Professional Organizer.  She was able to accomplish with me, in one afternoon, what I had put off for months -- a clean, logical filing system and an end to the stacks of papers that had accumulated over a long period of time.  Her professional, helpful manner set me at ease immediately and I sensed her willingness to work with me without imposing systems I couldn't follow.  A good listener, she picked up my needs right away and we moved ahead to the task.  I look forward to calling on her again."

- Patty Murray, President, Women Sing, San Francisco, CA

Workshop Participants...

"The presentation was well-received and very necessary.  I look forward to reading the resource materials and our follow-up coaching session."
- Emily, Develomental Studies Center, Oakland, CA

"Loved it!"
- Tracy, Develomental Studies Center, Oakland, CA

"I really appreciated your acknowledgment of how impossible people's expectations can be regarding what you can get done in 5 minutes a day or even in a day.  It is helpful to know that it is not just me feeling overwhelmed but also that there are some ways to fix it, even if I am in customer service and mostly having to react to problems all day!"
- Emily G, Developmental Studies Center, Oakland, CA